Handstand Prep eBook
Handstand Prep eBook
Handstand Prep eBook

Handstand Prep eBook

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Handstand Prep is to help you with strength and flexibility for your inversions.
It will help you get familiar with being upside down and prepare your journey into Handstand, or to help build strength, flexibility & technique for those already practicing inversions.

I have designed this guide to be integrated with my "Handstand" Ebook. 
(Eg: do a strength circuit from this guide and then train whichever Drill you are up to in Handstand guide)

It is important to perform fundamentals in this prep guide to begin or enhance your Handstand practice.

What's included:

4 Chapters

7 different types of circuits 

Strength and conditioning drills to build a strong foundation

Flexibility drills to improve shape and posture 

Animal walks to improve balance, coordination and strength

Shape drills reinforcing the handstand shape

Minimal to no equipment required 

Guide can be completed anywhere (at home, outdoors, while travelling or in a gym). 


This is a digital eBook not a physical book.

After purchasing you will receive an email including a download link. 
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