Handstand eBook
Handstand eBook
Handstand eBook
Handstand eBook
Handstand eBook

Handstand eBook

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I have been on my hands since I was a kid. Cartwheeling around the house or trying to headstand before I could walk, there was always something about being upside down that I loved. 
From my gymnastics background, experience and training, coaching gymnasts and continuing my own practice, I have learnt a lot about the Handstand, from drills to flexibility, strength needed and how to implement all of it together. 

Handstand is a beginner & intermediate guide to teach you how to balance on your hands. It is designed for complete beginners and those who are already practicing inversions.

Over 8 Chapters you will learn:

Anatomy, shape, tips and key points of Handstand

Common mistakes and how to correct them 

Flexibility, body tension and conditioning exercises 

Strength circuits

Warm up circuit and exercises 

How to fall out correctly and safely

Correct kicking up technique and anatomy

28 different Drills, starting easier progressing onwards

Split, tuck and straight Handstand

Building upper body strength and stamina 

Guide can be completed anywhere (at home, outdoors, while travelling or in a gym). 

I have designed this guide to be integrated with my "Handstand Prep" Ebook. 
(Eg: do a strength circuit from Handstand Prep and then train whichever Drill you are up to in this guide)


This is a digital eBook and not a printed book.

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