Nicole is a travelling handbalancer, yogi, acrobat based in Tasmania, Australia. She has been upside down since a young age and continues her practice incorporating handstands into her yoga, circus, flexibility, acrobatics and dance practice.
Nicole is an ex State Gymnast, and now teaches handstand courses and workshops, along with movement and yoga classes. Nicole tapped into the world of yoga in India where she undertook her training. She travels around wherever she feels is calling her,  which is currently her home base in Tasmania.
Nicole has travelled around Australia and 11 other countries so far. Nicole chose to leave school at the age of 16 and took a different route in life and it allowed her the life experiences she has had today. 
Nicole competed for Tasmania in competitions and was State Champion for her level years in a row. As a kid, gymnastics was her joy in life.
Through travelling Nicole saw the world was not how we are taught to view and see it. She learnt that we do not have to look at it as a scary thing, and that there are beautiful people out there. Over the years Nicole has made many friends all over the world. She says it is one of the best things about traveling as it has helped her feel less alone in the world and in the lifestyle she chooses to live, but it also leaves the heart in many places. 
Nicole connects to the ocean wherever she goes and never strays far from the coast. She has driven nearly 30,000km of Australia so far. Her favorite countries have been Hawaii & Philippines. 
Nicole says she has learnt a lot from solitude and being in nature. Being alone has allowed her to dive into herself on deeper levels. Her self reflective nature has helped her develop a deeper connection with herself. Nicole wants to help others in their own unique journey in life, and help them in coming back to themselves. Helping to connect to our higher selves. whether that is through