Bliss Balance

Bliss Balance

I have been on my hands since I was a kid. Cartwheeling around the house or trying to headstand before I could walk, there was always something about being upside down that I loved.
The Handstand was a very important skill in Gymnastics, and as a gymnast it is a skill you wanted to try to perfect as much as possible.

From my gymnastics background, experience and training, coaching gymnasts and continuing my own practice, I have learnt a lot about the Handstand, from drills to flexibility, strength needed and how to implement all of it together. 
I hold workshops and classes teaching all about the Handstand and have finally put together my latest eBook to help people journey into Handstand. 

 Teaching this skill is one of my biggest passions, and it gives me a lot of joy to be able to help people balance on their hands and experience the unique shift of perspective it never fails to give. 
There are 3 eBooks in this series -
- Headstand & Elbowstand
- Handstand Prep
- Handstand

If you are beginning your inversion journey I suggest following in the above order. 

Headstand & Elbowstands guide will help you learn how to balance on head and elbows. These are great to add into your flows and ever growing practice. It is a great place to start if you are new to being upside down.

Handstand Prep teaches you strength and flexibility for your inversions.
It can be integrated along side either guides (Head/Elbowstands or Handstand)
Handstand Prep is great for beginners to get familiar with being upside down and prepare your journey into Handstand, and for more advanced people to build upon  their strength, flexibility & technique for their inversions.

Handstand is a beginner & intermediate guide to teach you how to balance on your hands. It is perfect if you are beginning your Handstand journey or if you are already balancing on your hands.