Grow your Glutes

Grow your Glutes


 I trained and maintained my glutes for 4-5 years, in and out of a gym, with and without equipment. When I starting backpacking back in 2017 for 6 months in Asia, I did not have access to a gym or equipment and was constantly moving. From that I quickly learned and adapted with new ways to still train my glutes in a small space with not too much time (when the hostel room was finally free of people!)

I have created Grow Your Glutes guides parts 1 & 2 (so far!) from all the exercises, movements, skills and knowledge I acquired from my own transformation, and the many hours I've spent training, at home, in and out of gyms, and whilst travelling.

I learned what worked for me, and what worked for others when I trained with friends or with PT clients, learning that we all have unique bodies, and movements will not always work the same or have the same effect on people. This is why I include a vast variety of movements in my books, going into depth in my explanations and I try to educate readers on my personal tips, form and anatomy.

I believe you can engage and grow your glutes without a gym, as also with one. There is no one way, you just have to get creative and use what you have (your mind and your body). 

The exercises and programs in my books are the ones I used on my own personal journey into growing my glutes.

I am humbled that people have enjoyed the guides and programs so far and you can read more about the books and the reviews of peoples experience with them by clicking on the books below (reviews are underneath the product)

Both guides are 8 week programs, following 20 different workouts.

It is best to follow the guides via Parts -

Part 1 (weeks 1-8) 
Part 2 (weeks 9-16)


If you are beginning your glutes journey or have not exercised in a while, I strongly recommend following the guides in order without any weight or resistance (they are designed to be followed in order)
It is important to learn proper alignment, technique and exercises before adding in weight or resistance as this will effect the process of growing your glutes. 
If you are already currently training your glutes 3-4 times per week with weight and resistance already, you can add weight and resistance into your training if you feel inclined!