You learn so much form the people you meet

(Written in 2017)

I have never met more amazing people in my life

The nicest, brightest, most humble, bright, happy, beautiful people. If you smile, they will smile 100x bigger back. They will wave, kids will jump up and down with laughter. They play, help each other out. They give, love, kindness, build each other up. They have fun, they are silly. adventuress  and so curious.  

The memories I have made in the Philippines will never leave me… the Philippines was my first country I went alone, first country of asia reigon, my first house was here… it will always be such a special place to me.


It has a special place in my heart. I miss it dearly and didn’t want to leave, but I had to, to be able to see how magical this place really is, to be able to have something to compare it too.


I think whoever you make even eye contact with, let alone a conversation or friendship with, is a special person/memory. I believe we meet every person we do for a reason, and they were meant to cross our path for a reason. Even if it’s the person you sat next to on a boat or the kid that waved at you on the street, you take something from every encounter with another person.



Whether its good or bad, or the person isn’t nice or you don’t get along, you take something from it. Maybe what your getting annoyed with in another person is a reflection of what you do to others. It’s how open minded you are to these connections, and once you see this, you take and learn so much more form the people you meet.


I’ve learn to give.. once you learn to give to others, you get back too. Kind people are actually really strong people… when you are kind to someone and they aren’t kind back.. you have to be a strong smart person to see that they need the kindness, instead of getting mad and angry that YOU didn’t get anything back, wether that be just a smile. You know when you smile at someone, and they don’t smile back? Doesn’t that feel good, maybe they needed that. Maybe they didn’t smile back not because you are the problem, they are having such a bad day they don’t even had the mental capacity to break a smile.

Isn’t it so weird to think we can know people, or be around people, make friends with people, which you do a lot whilst traveling, but you still know nothing about them. You don’t know anything about anyone, what they are, have been through, going through. We all have a past, and of course we aren’t going to shout it about when we first meet a person.

I think everyone hides something, and if everyone was open about it I think we’d all have similar problems and would be surprised how many other people deal with the things we do, just everyone keeps them in. whether it be family problems, relationship problems, mental problems, physical problems, anything. So I dunno,

I think its important that the next time you go to judge someone, and not necessarily  in a bad way, like oh she’s loud or he’s silent, or she’s rude, you don’t know anyone, they might be that way for a reason, or they might just be like that for that moment you saw, met or talked to them.

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