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You learn so much form the people you meet

(Written in 2017) I have never met more amazing people in my lifeThe nicest, brightest, most humble, bright, happy, beautiful people. If you smile, they will smile 100x bigger back. They will wave, kids will jump up and down with laughter. They play, help each other out. They give, love, kindness, build each other up. They have fun, they are silly. adventuress  and so curious.   The memories I have made in the Philippines will never leave me… the Philippines was my first country I went alone, first country of asia reigon, my first house was here… it will always be such a special place to me.   It has a special place in my heart. I miss it dearly...

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Photography - The magic in people

(Written in Laos, 2017) The reason behind my photography. I’ve never really thought about the answer to this question. Never really thought about the question either. but I know this: without photography, and without my camera. I don’t know if I could be doing what I’ve been doing for the past few months.I don’t think I realize it, but photography is an escape. No one can see what im creating unless I show it. that my camera is somewhat what I hide behind… I wouldn’t be able to go out and walk the streets without it because of my anxiety… but when I have my camera it is like this shield that I feel invincible to my anxiety. it’s my...

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