Always follow your inner you

(Written in 2017) On a boat to Camiguin Island, Philippines 


I was on a boat today, and the boat was packed. I had to lay on the floor outside right next to the edge (there was a fence/bar) but just wasn’t the comfiest. This over 50 man invited me in to this area where there was a few families but more room to sit. He gave me food and water and made me feel welcome. We talked for so long,. the whole boat trip. He asked about me and my life, and I asked about him and his life. He was Philippino and was talking about westerners. That he has worked and met so many before and they are so selfish.That we don’t know how to share. That we are so cold hearted in a way (he said). I think this is such an important thing to tak about as our cultures are so different. and i believe what he said to be true (for me) and i agreed and also feel we are so selfish as a culture. 

Then we carried on talking about his life and he said

"if I could turn back the clock I would.
There is no point trying to impress other people. It’s pointless and has burnt my soul.
Always follow your inner you and to chase your dreams, and if people don’t agree they’re making that their problem" 
I was married and got a divorce because I wanted to be set free.
You don’t need approval, so stop looking for it.
He finished with, life is too short for a long story"


He said I was a listener, not a talker. Every person you meet knows something you don’t. every person you meet you can learn something from if you want to. You’ve just got to be open. i was so grateful for this man. I will never see him again (i doubt) and 3-4 years on I have totally forgotten what he even looks like. but the memory of our conversation, his kindness and his words will stay with me forever. And how amazing is that 

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